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My Two Cents Worth
December 21, 2013

Our 8th Christmas in the Republic of Panama…where has the time gone! Right now back in Canada the temps are in the minus C range and Christmas Day shows around +2 during the day and -3 at night. While we lived in this type of climate we soldered on … putting up with the shoveling and 3 layers of clothes to go anywhere … slippery roads, getting stuck in snowdrifts, frozen finger and toes…you know the rest. Then we moved – from pine trees to palm trees – and never once have regretted that decision.

Now at Christmas we see the tulip trees come out in full bloom. Huge orange red flowers on the tops of trees that look like Christmas balls. We see bright green parrots, and hear them too! chatting away to each other as they look for their morning breakfast.

We hear many birds chirping and chattering away at night, when it is cooler. We are very lucky to live next to a small river which brings in all kinds of birds all year round and of course when annual migrations take place the skies are full of them.

Our three stray dogs that we care for are healthy and happy - they are in a safe place with plenty to eat, a place to play and people who love them.

When we used to lived in Canada we always bought Christmas presents for Santa's Anonymous. They don't have that here so what we have been doing is buying presents for a couple of families. This Christmas the three year old girl is getting her very first bicycle. Wish we were there to see her eyes as she sees her pink and purple bike for the first time.

We see Rudolph sitting on top of a drug store and he looks funny there, we see Christmas stores full of the prettiest Christmas decorations and malls set up for the holidays. We see people running around in slacks and shirts Christmas shopping and that looks great. No winter boots, jackets, hats or mitts … so simple now. No running out to start the car, wait for the windshield to defrost and then off we go.

And the flora … wow, a totally different world now and one which I am still trying to identify. The funny thing is that now that I am putting garden tours together in warmer countries I am finding much of the plants that grow here grow in many of them!

My garden tours have grown since moving here and of that I am very thankful. I have met so many wonderful souls on these tours and met some of their families as well as they come back and bring them along. I have also lost travel friends over the years and for that I am truly thankful that I had a chance to meet them and share our love of gardens with them. Eventually is now … and it really is true. I hear it almost ever tour I do and I am so glad they are on my tours. I love the fact that I have so many repeat guests that know others on the tours too. My tours for 2014 – have you seen them yet?

Each year the tours are special and may not be repeated. My heart and soul go into each and every one of them, to try and make them the most memorable for you…  is where you will find them. If you would like to be on my tours mailing list please just let me know at 

I wish you the most joyous holiday season – Feliz Navidad


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