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Autumn Prep is the Key to a Successful Spring Garden
by Vickie Bailey
August 28, 2016

If you’re somebody who has never quite been happy with your garden, and every time the warmer weather comes around in spring and summer you always wish you had prepared your outdoor space a little earlier, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a guide to getting your garden organised in autumn, so when spring comes around, you’ll have a space that’s ready to be enjoyed by you and your family.

Buying Out of Season

When winter is looming, garden furniture and shed prices can plummet, so autumn is actually the perfect time to invest money in your garden. Whilst it’s true that your furniture will have to be stored away for the winter, when it comes to spring you’ll be sorted, and won’t have to pay premium prices. If the thought of assembling a shed in autumn has you running for the hills, that’s no reason to give up the idea.

You could always pay somebody to come and build it for you, whether that’s a friend, a member of your family, or a professional from a company like The Handy People

Autumn-Sown Plants Will Prosper

Unless you sow your plants in autumn, it’s likely that your garden will lose some of its beauty during the last few weeks of spring. Autumn-sown plants are more robust and tend to live and flower for longer, as if a seed is germinated in the autumn, it grows a few inches before going into hibernation in the winter. So, take advantage of the milder temperatures in autumn and start preparing your garden for next year.

Leaves are Garden Gold

The falling leaves of autumn can help to guarantee a beautiful garden when spring rolls back around next year. Collect leaves and spread them over all exposed soil and under any shrubbery you have, as they will degrade into mineral nutrients that will then be turned into fertilizer by garden worms, leaving you with the perfect conditions for growing plants.

Now You’re a Pro

Even if you consider yourself a gardening novice, with all this knowledge under your belt you can have a garden to rival an expert’s when springtime comes around. All experts know that getting ahead and preparing your garden during the autumn results in a beautiful garden the following year. So, get your gardening gloves on and get to work creating your perfect spring garden.

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