The gardeners' dilemma of fall planting
August 25, 2013

It is hard to remember what your April garden looked like when you're looking at your gloriously abundant garden in August. Nothing beats a photographic record, particularly in this digital age where everything seems to have a camera built in, but if you didn't take those photos you now have the Gardeners' Fall Dilemma: where, oh where, is there room to plant more bulbs? I learned about this the hard way; pretty dumb when you consider my easy access to bulbs (and my bulb obsession). Every year I remind myself to take those pics so I know where to put more bulbs in the fall. Nothing cheers a gardener more than spring flowers after a long winter.

So do not despair, dear gardeners. It may not look like it now, but you DO have room for spring flowering bulbs. Plant them in the spaces between your plants. Think about where you'll be looking at your garden in April. If you're looking from a distance then consider larger, taller varieties. If close up or along an entranceway then consider some some of the many smaller bulbs. And don't forget fragrance. Fragrance is great if you plant bulbs for cutting; in that case plant lots, because it's hard to cut any when faced with a clump of only 5 stems when your vase needs 4!

Dugald Cameron

President & resident bulb nut

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