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The Book of Herbs

new book release
by Press Release
August 11, 2013

Make sure you include planting herbs this year. Herbs have many beneficial uses besides cooking. With “Book of Herbs,” every page is illustrated with clear explanations of which parts of the plant are used and how to prepare them. Learn the history of each herb, with advice on those you might want to grow yourself. Plus, each plant’s page includes a reference panel featuring the culinary, medicinal, household, and cosmetic applications.

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About “The Book of Herbs”:

Mother Nature has the best herbal remedies and seasonings! Discover the health-giving benefits and flavor-enhancing properties of more than 80 versatile herbs, like eucalyptus, which can remedy your cold or relieve arthritis pain, or galangal, which can add a kick to your family’s stir-fry. This reference is indispensable for your home when you want life to be more organic.

About Barty Phillips:

Barty Phillips is a well-known English author, journalist, lecturer, and radio and TV broadcaster who has written over 30 books on home and garden subjects. She was the design correspondent of The Observer newspaper for sixteen years and editor of Herbs, the journal of the Herb Society for five years. She lectures regularly on home and garden subjects.

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