Snip and Store Summer Produce to Savor Year Round
by Amanda Weibel
July 29, 2013

Freezing summer produce is one of the best ways to save a bit of summer for those cold winter months. Fiskars Quick Tips for Freezing Food shows just how easy it is to harvest and store summer produce. By freezing quickly after harvesting, you can save perfect produce for months! Read the full article to find out which fruits and veggies freeze the best and how to use them in recipes when you are ready to revisit summer.

Fiskars Garden Multi-Snip with Sheath is a handy tool for snipping herbs or picking produce. The snip features stainless steel, precision-ground blades for clean cuts when pruning flowers or fresh food. It can also be used as a utility knife to help with a variety of cutting tasks throughout the garden. A safety lock keeps the blades closed when not in use and the multi-snip comes with a sheath with a belt clip so it’s easy to keep the tool at hand while you work.

Fiskars Garden Multi-Snip carries a lifetime warranty. Please contact Fiskars for pricing and availability information.

The Fiskars’ website is rich in resources for gardeners with helpful "how-to" instructions, projects and tips.

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