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My Two Cents
May 8, 2013

Did you know you can follow me on Facebook? Well, you can and by doing that you will keep up to date with where I am – and boy – will that be lots of places this year…

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I was in Ecuador, then China and this month will be in Paris and London for Chelsea Tour, then Bulgaria to check it out for a possible tour. In June I am off to Malaysia again, taking a small select group of writers, then home for the month of July and in August off to Singapore to check out for a tour, then in September to check out gardens for a tour in Australia. Then my final tour of the year in October to Argentina. Whew! But I do love finding special places to take my groups to.

Many of you have been receiving the newsletter for years, some since 1998 if you can believe it…so many of you know that we moved to the Republic of Panama in 2006. Now there are many new members who might not know this…this is where we live now … from pine trees to palm trees and boy what a learning curve this has been! We do have a site devoted to all things Panama at  (where we even tell you how we decided on the name) so if you get a chance and do want to know more, check that out.

Here is a very recent article on Panama which surprises me…it is so very true…

Panama City Rising article

For some of you this may not be applicable but there are many who travel with me each year so I want to take the opportunity to let you know – an update on the tours for 2014. I do have a tours mailing list for those who want to know about a tour just as soon as it is posted at  so if this is something you desire, let me know at  and I will put you on that list.

2013 – I have but two spots left on my Argentina Gardens and Grapes Tour

2014 Tours

February – India – timed perfectly to see the very special and private gardens of the President in Delhi
April – Israel – Gardens & History. You will be amazed at what you see
April – Turkey – Tulips, Gardens & History. Did you know tulips came from Persia to Turkey before they went to Holland? This tour is timed perfectly for the tulip displays!
May - Chelsea – 8 wonderful nights in one hotel, and gardens to dazzle and delight. Always a sellout!
June – Ireland – yes we are visiting Dublin and Belfast gardens and seeing the glorious flower show called WAFA 2014 – this tour is already over 50% booked by the way…
October - South Africa – can hardly wait for you to be on your first African Safari with me…

At  you will find all sorts of testimonials from those who have travelled with me before, you will also see the listings of the tours. Some may not be up yet, as I am still working on them. If there is one that you are interested in let me know with an email and I will send you details once ready for booking.

Please remember that where ever I am – I always update the site each week with new articles. I hope you will continue to visit when you can spare a few moments from being in your garden….your back will appreciate it!
Until next time …. Happy, Happy Gardening


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