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Fairy Gardens – The New Miniature Magical Collectibles
by Lorraine Mennen
May 5, 2013

Discovering the enchanted fairy world whether reliving childhood memories or introducing fairies into your garden realm for the first time is so incredible. It proves to be a magical experience.

It is a rich opportunity for all ages to play magically like a child. Outdoor play has numerous benefits for everyone. In a natural environment we are inclined to breathe deeply reducing stress and thus move about more. Simple additions to a garden like a magical fairy garden will naturally encourage kids outdoors. It will become a great conversation piece for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Easy to care for these miniature collectibles can be botanically gorgeous and decorated by imagination.

Children love enclosed, nest- like spaces where they can hide, this is why they relate to the little iron fairies with the miniature toad stools, stepping stones the size of a nickle and small life-like, long lasting iron garden furniture. What fun to hide their fairies and move them about, playing in a make-belief world outdoors! My grandson Austin (3 years old), upon discovering fairy gardening told us, “If I had that fairy garden, I would make sure that my frog jumped over the bridge every single day!” His creativity is at such an incredible stage, we want to make sure that we continue to encourage and foster it. Perhaps this weekend we will be helping him build a fairy garden of his own!

Coloured gravel lines the paths and ground cover plants such as scotch moss acts as the forest floor. Lavender, sedum, hens and chicks make other interesting flower groupings in the little gardens.

These magical collectible fairy gardens can be enjoyed alone or with friends. Even adults can’t resist. The child can create games and challenges that are limited only by his or her imagination. They can add to their fairy collection on each special occasion which makes this project wonderfully affordable for families with more than one child.

Fairy Minis are easily created in portable containers, old tree stumps or in a sectioned area in an existing garden. You do not have to have any experience to grow one.

A few tips for the new flower fairy collectors:

Flower fairies remain hidden from human eyes; you have to believe in order to see.

Fairies generally make their homes in secret places where they can live happily in harmony with nature. It was said by Cicely Mary Barker back in the early 1900’s that flower fairies do exist. She told us we can search for them on the forest floor, in the marshes, high up in the treetops and of course in a beautiful garden.

What playful games the fairies invent with costumes made from flowers and leaves. Every season they have to make new ones to blend into their special world. It has been said that fairies love to dance and show off their costumes.

You must use your eyes and your ears if you wish to catch a glimpse. Traces of Fairy dust sparkle in the sun showing us their reflection of existence. Tread softly and speak quietly when setting foot in the fairies world so as not to frighten them away.

So amazing it was as a child growing up in perennial gardens with a dad who believed. My favourite story was of the Dianthus Fairy or Pinks Fairy. The Pinks fairies came out in the middle of the night with my mom’s pinking shears to ruffle the edges of each pinks flower, says Lorraine.

The spirit of care-giving will be fostered in children. Nurturing flowers in their mini gardens will bring them such joy and pride when they bloom or produce fruit. Playing with the flower fairies adds delight to the process increasing their awareness of growth and change while building their sense of accomplishment.

Iron fairies of many poses, styles, and sizes are available at Pathways to Perennials this spring. Fairy dust, coloured gravels, and miniature plants will be awaiting the new collectors. A simple instruction sheet on how to maintain a Fairy Garden is handed out in person at no extra charge. Several books by famous author and artist ‘Cicely Mary Barker’ will also be available for sale for those who are not familiar with fairy living.

For more information on Fairy Workshop dates please contact Lorraine Mennen, queen fairy at 1-800-551-0355, or

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