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Water with Ease with Dramm
by Jessica Reinhardt
April 14, 2013

Did you know Dramm Corporation all started with the invention of the 400 Aluminum Water Breaker?

Its true! In the 1940s, John G. Dramm was an inventor and florist. One day he started designing a nozzle in his greenhouse, he wanted a nozzle that would apply very large quantities of water in a soft stream and thus he designed the 400 Water Breaker, which applies water with no damage to plants. This basement operation continued to grow in the horticulture field until consumers started requesting the Dramm products for their home use.

Brand new this year is Dramm's One Touch Rain Wand, which eliminates the strain of squeezing in order to turn the water on and off.

The new One Touch Rain Wand gives you complete & total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb. Simply move your thumb forward to water and move your thumb back to stop watering, saving you time and water when you move from plant to plant.

Especially great for arthritic hands and a great item to have in water restricted areas.

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