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Denise O’Reilly
March 24, 2013

Denise O’Reilly is an avid gardener and grower originally from Alberta.

She currently resides on her Great-grandparents homestead quarter NW of Cherhill where she operates a small farm with free range meat products, dairy products and fresh garden produce in season, wild foraged mushrooms and commercial garlic. She operated her own small scale Heritage and Open-pollinated seed business and has currently over 250 different seeds to choose from. She enjoys nature hikes with her husband of 21 years, Jeff, and they have 3 children, 2 of which are still at the farm.

O’Reilly Farms Course Offerings


1. Home canning and preserving – the basics of Jams and jellies

2. Home canning and preserving – the basics of preserving fruits

3. Home canning and preserving – the basics of preserving vegetables

4. Home canning and preserving – the basics of pickling

5. Home canning and preserving – making and storing soups and sauces

6. Home canning and preserving – advanced techniques and specialty items

7. Home dehydrating – a basic introduction

8. Home dehydrating – meat, fish, eggs

9. Home dehydrating – fruit leathers, soups, ready made meals

10. Pioneer skills - Soaps made at home, the basic course

11. Pioneer skills - How to make your own candles

12. Pioneer skills - Gardening know how 101

13. Pioneer skills - Beginning growing indoors, sprouting and greenhouse techniques

14. Pioneer skills – working the land by hand

15. Pioneer skills – beekeeping without chemicals (special arrangement with Sanalta farms)

16. Pioneer skills – animal husbandry 101

17. Pioneer skills – harvesting by hand, threshing basics, stooking, etc..

18. Pioneer skills – saving your own seeds and growing your own foods

19. Seed sale and exchange – spring of 2009

20. Ancient knowledge – Gardening the Anastasia way

Other Powerpoint Presentations:

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Gardening with heritage seeds

Edible landscapes

Herbs and their uses

Castles of Ireland's County Kildare

The race to preserve heritage seeds

Save the world in your own home

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