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American Ivy Society

The American Ivy Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the genus Hedera through education and promotion. AIS members are nurserymen, horticulturists, botanists and plant enthusiasts-professionals and non-professionals who share a passion for ivies of the world.

Goals of The American Ivy Society

Nomenclature: Develop a complete list of known ivy cultivars.

Clarify, simplify and reduce confusion over ivy names.

Some ivies have more than one name. Some names exist without a corresponding ivy. Descriptions and life-size photographs of old and new ivies in the Ivy Journal document and illustrate the cultivar with its correct name.

Register new ivy cultivars:

The International Registration Authority for Hedera was granted to the American Ivy Society in 1977. AIS has become not only the national authority on ivies and their nomenclature, but the international authority as well. AIS has members in 10 countries plus the US and Canada.


Because ivy lends itself well to many styles of topiary, the American Ivy Society has volunteered to become the official information source for topiary and topiary activities.

Information Clearinghouse:

The Society maintains worldwide contact with gardeners and professionals who are looking for better ways to use and grow ivies. AIS amasses information and provides it to those who inquire.

AIS actively encourages new uses for ivy in the home and garden.

Cultivar and Hardiness Trials:

AIS is promoting hardiness testing of ivy both by cultivars and on a regional basis.

Greenhouse Production Trials:

AIS invites Commercial members to participate in testing new cultivars.

National Outdoor Hardiness Trials:

Institutions are invited to participate in successive evaluation programs to determine best cultivars for various sites, exposures and garden conditions. Individuals may also participate.

Write to AIS for further information.

Regional Collections:

AIS is establishing ivy collections in various parts of the country. AIS cannot be responsible for the accuracy of everyone's collection.

Regional & Display Ivy collections can be visited at: (Please call first)

California - Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens: Western Regional Standard Reference Collection, 18220 North Highway One, Fort Bragg, CA 95437: phone 707-964-4352

Florida - Sugar Mill Botanic Gardens: 950 Old Sugar Mill Road (West of US 1) Port Orange, FL 32119: phone 904-788-3645

Maryland - Brookside Gardens: Display Collection, Display Collection, 1500 Glenallan Avenue, Wheaton, MD 20902: phone 301-962-1401

Illinois - Chicago Botanic Gardens, Hardiness Trials: P.O. Box 400, Lake-Cook Road, East of Edens Expressway, Glencoe, IL 60022: phone 708-835-8251

Tennessee - University of Tennessee: Dept. of Ornamental Horticulture Display Collection and Hardiness Trials, P.O. Box 1071, Knoxville, TN 37901: phone 615-974-7324

Virginia - Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden: Display Collection, 1800 Lakeside Ave., Richmond, VA 23228: phone 804-262-9887

Virginia - River Farm, Headquarters of the American Horticultural Society: Ivy Display Collection, 7931 East Boulevard Drive, Alexandria, VA 22308: phone 703-768-5700

AIS is establishing ivy collections in various parts of the country. AIS is not responsible for the accuracy of everyone's collection. The collections may also function in hardiness testing and displays. As new collections are placed, reports on them will appear in the Ivy Journal.

Services of The American Ivy Society Publications:

Ivy Journal (ISSN 0882-4142). This attractive annual publication contains life-size photographs of ivies, articles on ivy culture and unusual varieties, descriptions, hardiness testing, history and uses of ivy, topiary, and notes on member activities.

Between The Vines (ISSN 1051-8959). Published three times per year to keep members up-to-date on Society activities; these newsletters contain short articles on research, growing tips and convention news.

Free Ivy Plant In the Spring, a free ivy plant is sent to all general members, and to commercial and institutional members upon request. (Unfortunately, the plant is not available to members outside the United States due to quarantine restrictions).

Reference Materials:

AIS is a central source of ivy publications, for reference and sale. These materials are used by professionals and nonprofessionals alike.

Information Service:

AIS Director of Research will be glad to assist anyone who requests information about ivy, its culture, history, uses, and sources.

Ivy Identification:

AIS Research Center will identify ivies for members. Send two typical stems with 10 to 12 leaves (or several shorter stems) wrapped appropriately. For specific information on identification, send a stamped self-addressed envelope to AIS.

Source List:

For those who wish to purchase unusual ivies either wholesale or retail, AIS maintains a list of commercial members. This list may be obtained by writing to AIS.

Annual Convention:

This gathering of national and international ivy enthusiasts is held in a different section of the country or overseas once each year. All AIS members are invited.


General Membership:

Includes all services of AIS; the annual Ivy Journal; Between the Vines newsletters; information service; purchase of books, publications, and research tools; free ivy identification; and an invitation to the annual convention.

Commercial Membership:

Designed for growers, nurseries, and suppliers. It includes all the benefits of general member- ship plus free sponsorship listing, free listing on AIS suppliers' source list; opportunity to advertise on AIS web site (for a nominal charge); information on sources of rare, unusual or old ivies, invitation to participate in AIS testing program.

Institutional Membership:

Designed for libraries, data bases and other information retrieval systems. Members receive subscription to Ivy Journal; Between The Vines newsletters and access to new and/or updated AIS research papers.

Chapter Membership:

Guidelines for forming new chapters include a minimum of four members. Each chapter member is entitled to full benefits of membership. Write for more information.

The AIS Endowment Fund:

Created to support research and educational efforts of the American Ivy Society, as well as to publicize ivies, either in a scholarly or in a less-formal educational manner. Current research includes commercial testing, hardiness trials, comparative studies of cultivars, and establishment of regional collections. Gifts are welcomed from members and the public at large, and are deductible for federal income tax purposes. AIS is on file with the Internal Revenue Service as a not-for-profit organization.

For more information or questions about the American Ivy Society please write to us at P.O.Box 2123, Naples, FL 34106-2123




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