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American Conifer Society

What are conifers?

The name "conifer" comes from Latin and means "to bear cones." Although cones are a common feature of most conifers, junipers and yews are two exceptions that produce berry-like fruit.

The best method of identifying a conifer is to look at the leaves. Conifers are usually evergreen trees or shrubs with linear, needle-like or scale-like leaves, though some such as larch and cypress drop their leaves in autumn.

Among the conifers are some of the smallest, largest and oldest living woody plants known. The more than 500 conifer species are distributed worldwide and are invaluable for their timber as well as their adaptability as garden plants for year-round interest.

Interested in learning more? American Conifer Society members receive four issues of the ACS BULLETIN, an excellent publication which includes information on growing, finding, and caring for conifers. Also included are announcements of meetings and workshops, collector profiles, outstanding photographs and relevant advertisements.

There are four Regions -- Northeast, Southeast, Central and West -- each of which holds periodic meetings and offers workshops. Often there are plant sales or auctions for members at these meetings.

One National Meeting per year rotates through the regions and allows attendees to access interesting gardens and arboreta.

An annual seed exchange makes available to members selections which are not available through conventional sources, including seed collected from witches' brooms.

For membership information, visit the American Conifer Society web site listed below or contact:

John Martin P.O. Box 3422 Crofton, MD 21114-0422 Phone: (410) 721-6611 Fax: (410) 721-9636




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