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Established in Adelaide in 1982 by a small nucleus of dedicated enthusiasts, the Australian Carnivorous Plant Society has grown to an organisation with a world-wide membership of more than 200. Widely respected as the most progressive organisation representing C. P. growers in this country and having made a significant contribution to the promotion, cultivation and conservation of carnivorous plants, the society has also attracted a great deal of interest from outside of Australia and at present has members from 25 overseas countries. With a membership that includes people in the scientific, commercial and hobbyist areas the society has built up considerable expertise and an extensive library of material which it can reference when required.

The society publishes a quarterly journal now recognised as the best of its type in the southern hemisphere. The journal is sent to all members as part of their membership entitlement and is distributed to most major libraries and Botanic Gardens in Australia. Back issues are available, although some are only available as photocopies.

Seed can be purchased from the society's Seed Bank and regular updates are included in the journal.

Other services offered by the Society include a range of Carnivorous Plant books available at special members rates, free cultivation information and free advertising (small scale only) in the Bulletin Supplement.

The society runs shows and regular General Meetings at which local members have the opportunity to exchange information.


Email: secretary@acps.org.au
Website: http://www.acps.org.au

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