Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in “It’s a Great Day for Pulling Weeds!”
The children’s book for the eco-conscious grown-up

New book teaches respect for the environment through fun and facts

Understanding how to take care of the Earth starts in childhood, when bees and butterflies are part of playtime.

Jan “Gramma” Golden is a passionate environmentalist who maintains a garden that is not only a certified National Wildlife Federation habitat, but also an Audubon Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary. Inspired by her own passions, Golden has written a children’s book that has proven popular among educators and children alike.

“Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in ‘It’s a Great Day for Pulling Weeds’!” takes kids on a whimsical journey through the Bird Lady’s garden. One day, while believing that she is taking care of her plants, she meets two zany birds named Mort and Ort who quickly teach her how to do a better job of helping wildlife visitors thrive in her garden.

“I hope that children and adults alike will learn how to become better stewards of our environment through my book,” Golden said. “It is a known fact our environment is in peril, and by changing our gardening practices we can make a difference.”

Through colorful illustrations, Golden’s book teaches children to appreciate their role in keeping the environment safe, and even includes easily digested explanations of current environmental issues like colony collapse disorder. It is a book perfect for parents, teachers, and environmentalists of every kind.

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Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in “It’s a Great Day for Pulling Weeds!”

By Gramma Golden

ISBN: 978-1-49186-770-9

Available in softcover and e-book

Available on Amazon, Google Books and AuthorHouse

About the author

Gramma Golden is active in her community, having served as a nurse, teacher, and Board of Education volunteer. She is passionate about maintaining her gardens and loves the outdoors. She is married with two grown children and three grandsons.

Author : Gramma Golden
ISBN : 978-1-49186-770-9
Publisher : AuthorHouse

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