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Jardins privés du Québec / Private gardens of Quebec
From the moment you open this book, the 375-plus, vivid, colour photographs, accompanied by fact-filled descriptions, will inspire you. The author visited and photographed over 30 private, aquatic, country, formal and rustic gardens, in various regions of Quebec – from the spring through to the fall.

Whether you are looking for ideas on how to design an ornamental garden or are just passionate and curious about the horticultural world, these stunning images will let you discover the incredible beauty of hundreds of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Set amid spectacular landscaped and natural surroundings, the flora are augmented by arbours, ben­ches, birdhouses, footbridges and statues – veritable works of art in the world of gardens.

Author : Perry Mastrovito
ISBN : 9782896543854
Publisher : Broquet
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 160

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  • Plant a Row Grow a Row