Gardening from a Hammock
Gardening from a Hammock, a new guide to low-maintenance gardening, pulls together advice and tips of well-known garden experts, designers and nursery owners for both new and experienced gardeners.

This book is for those who love to garden, but have neither the time, knowledge nor energy to do much about it. Gardening from a Hammock will give you tips to save time, techniques to avoid weeding, and a selection of plants that will survive benign neglect. You’ll have more time to relax and enjoy your garden.

Top garden experts share their years of experience and give readers their best picks of low-maintenance perennials, shrubs and trees; the easy-care stars of the plant world.

They provide advice on selecting the right plant for your needs, tips on how to improve your soil and conserve water, and ideas for designing a garden that is easy to look after while providing year-round beauty.

Gardening from a Hammock is a soft-cover book with hundreds of gorgeous, full-colour photos and 17 chapters, each devoted to a different style of garden and philosophy.

Each chapter features a garden expert, like Marion Jarvie, Paul Zammit or Dugald Cameron, and talks about his or her favourite plants, explains why each plant is selected, and gives advice on how to look after them.

A practical addition to the book is the detailed Botanical Reference Guide, an illustrated 32-page chart with colour photos and specifications for all of the selected plants, as well as details on growing conditions, size at maturity, and how to use each plant in your garden. Take this guide to a nursery to help you choose the right plant for your site.

The book also contains an alphabetical index of plants by common and botanical name to help you find your favourite plants, plus a section on hardiness zones, and a metric conversion chart.

Gardening from a Hammock is a self-published book by garden writer Ellen Novack and Master Gardener Dan Cooper.

Online through or through the website at a cost of $22.95.

Author : Ellen Novack and Dan Cooper

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