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Tree Whispering
An engaging conversation for Nature lovers and people who want a simple yet profound personal experience of communicating with the Beings of Nature and reconnection with the sacredness of Life.

This expert source of heart-warming experiential techniques, holistic practical information, and unique perspectives on humanity’s relationship with Nature, opens up possibilities:

•For People, a heart-warming experience, reconnection to the sacredness of Life, validation, expansion of intuition and well-being, a shift in thoughts and actions.

•For Nature, vigorous growth for trees and plants, balanced and sustainable ecosystems, and harmonious co-existence among trees, plants, bees, insects, diseases, and related organisms–including people. It’s a peace treaty!

•For Earth, reconstitution of dynamic balance on a large scale. This visionary guide provides step-by-step how-to processes, a transformational world view, and cause for celebration about strengthened skills for two-way connection with Nature.

Tree Whispering® gives people the tools to form cooperative partnerships with trees, plants, forests, crops so that people can balance and heal those living beings.

Tree Whispering is the pre-requisite to Cooperative BioBalance™ and is the initial step to balancing and healing within members of the Plant Kingdom and including their related insects and diseases in multiple directions.

The scope of Tree Whispering begins very personally and has a global reach.

First, Tree Whispering begins as a personal experience of tree and plant bioenergy. This is how people learn to come from the plant's point of view. When people and these other living beings communicate, a new relationship arises based on cooperation and equality. You could say a "friendship" develops. Tree Whispering gives people a way of thinking that is holistic and respectful that they can apply to and transform their their current practices. This is also healthy for people in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Secondly, Tree Whispering is a set of hands-on bioenergy healing techniques for restoring functionality to the parts, systems and inner functions of trees, plants, crops and forests for their own sustainable balance. Trees and plants are strengthened...decline can be a GREEN way...without the use of products or invasive techniques. Since we are all connected in the vast web of life, this strengthening amplifies from people’s yards out to the whole planet.

Lastly, Tree Whispering in its global reach offers a NEW model/mindset/paradigm for attitudes and practices

• Based on Partnership, Cooperation and Equality with Nature.

• That Create Peace within the Plant Kingdom and Peace Between People and the Plant Kingdom.

• For Re-Establishing Balance within Nature.

• That Foster Sustainability on a Healthy Planet.

Author : Jim Conroy, Ph.D. and Basia Alexander
Available in Softcover

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