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What Grows Here? Indoors
If the word “houseplant” makes you a strange combination of excited and guilty, you’re not alone. They’ve been dying and thriving in homes for as long as there have been homes to put them in. To help people strike balance between the terrific and the tragic, greenhouse owner and prolific author Jim Hole shares practical information for indoor gardeners of all levels—from the basics about light and water to specifics about pests and diseases. Rounding out the expert advice are 50 questions and answers to help you choose plants for specific areas of your home or office.

Like all relationships, the one we have with houseplants is at its best when cultivated with understanding, and good advice. Really, a relationship is exactly what you’ll find at the core of What Grows Here? Indoors. It’s a book where information becomes knowledge, hesitation becomes confidence and problems become solutions.

Author : Jim Hole
ISBN : 9781894728065
Publisher : Hole's Publishing
Sugg. Retail Price : $21.95

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