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Take Time: Reflections for Gentle Reader
This small book is meant for Gentle Reader. Gentle Reader is the type of person who happens to be a gardener. This person walks softly on this earth and has learned to recognise its timeless rhythms. There is an understanding that we are all a part of a oneness that sustains, a wholeness that nurtures. Gentle Reader is not an “eco-nut” nor is she rabidly fanatical about chemical intervention. Gentle Reader quietly goes about her gardens, demonstrating a sensitivity and a joy for life.

I invite you to find a quiet place, perhaps a thinking bench, and Take Time for yourself.

Dan Clost has been many things: a farmer, a soldier, an orchard manager, a sign language interpreter and a squash player of singular skills. At the moment he is a horticulturalist and garden communicator. Along the way he became a husband and a father; roles he has put his heart and soul into. Dan has walked softly on this earth throughout his life, bringing with him a love of music, reading and life, viewing all with a dash of humour. Readers of Take Time will appreciate seeing these interests and influences in his life show through in his writing.

Author : Dan Clost
ISBN : 1554522897
Publisher : Epic Press
Sugg. Retail Price : $19.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 112

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