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The Naming of Names
'As is well known, a comprehensive system of naming, of ordering and classifying, embraces every known plant in the world. In The Naming of Names takes us on a thrilling adventure into botanical history — from the Guyanan jungle to Renaissance Europe, Ancient Greece and sixteenth-century London — to show how nature was rationalised in a way that could be understood in countries and languages throughout the world. For the first time, Anna Pavord shows how the business of naming plant names, which had begun with the Greek philosopher Theophrastus in the third century BC, occupied the best minds in Europe for at least three hundred years until, in 1973, the process came to an end with a Swedish book about sex …

The whole vibrant array of plant life is contained within these pages: flamboyant, irresistible superstars like fritillaries, anemones, lilies, crocus, iris and tulips; everything from the agave and the banana to the paony and the yucca.'

For the history buff of the plant world, this is one incredible story...

Author : Anna Pavord
ISBN : 0747579520
Publisher : Bloomsbury
Sugg. Retail Price : $65.00
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 471

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