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Flower Spirit Cards
In Flower Spirit Cards Melanie Eclare presents a completely original form of divination designed to enable us to tap into the infinite wisdom of nature spirits, or ‘devas’. There are 44 cards, each depicting a particular species of flower, divided into four sets of eleven: bulbs, annuals, perennials, and wildflowers.

These four sets represent our past, our present, our future, and our true or ‘higher' selves. So sensitively photographed, the flower images have been created as a bridge between two worlds, each card coming with an extraordinary healing message that Melanie Eclare received from the flower spirit.

They provide an extra tool for enlightenment and a means to expand your consciousness and connections with nature. The accompanying book gives full instructions for the different ways of laying out and interpreting the cards.

Author : Melanie Eclare
ISBN : 1844001067
Publisher : Quadrille Publishing Limited
Sugg. Retail Price : $15.00
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 128

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