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Plants in Garden History
an illustrated history of plants and their influences on garden styles
How did exotic, oriental plants find their way into the borders of English gardens? Penelope Hobhouse - plantswoman, garden designer and authority on historic gardens - is uniquely qualified to shed new light on the absorbing history of gardens from ancient Egypt to the twentieth century.

Available in paperback, this is the definitive book on the history of gardens and gardening which describes the evolution of the Western model and explains the various historical factors which have created the modern idea of gardening as both art form and popular pastime.

In her magnificent survey of the rich heritage of Western gardening, Penelope Hobhouse's engrossing text is perfectly complemented by an unsurpassable collection of beautiful illustrations that range from the earliest Egyptian tomb painting to some of today's best garden photography.

Great care has been taken in the design of the book, making it both structured and accessible. Plants in Garden History is a classic work that will be referred to for many years to come.

About the Author

Penelope Hobhouse is internationally respected as a gardening expert. A prolific writer, her other books include The Story of Gardening, Gardens of Persia, Garden Designs, The National Trust Book of Gardening, Garden Style and Flower Gardens and the National Trust Book of Borders.

Author : Penelope Hobhouse
ISBN : 1862056609
Publisher : Pavilion
Sugg. Retail Price : $44.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 336

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