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Today, gardeners will find an astonishing variety of bulbs available -- even bulbs that bloom in autumn and winter. There are those suited for sun, for shade, for damp soil, for dry soil, for rock gardens, and even climbing varieties.

All of the essential information is provided for each of the approximately 300 varieties of flowering bulbs described in this book:

Soil requirements

Exposure to sun

Fertilizers and irrigation

Storage techniques


Average height and color

Marco Leone highlights bulbs that make good cut flowers, bulbs known for their fragrance, and bulbs that can be forced. Along with the most common varieties, many lesser-known bulbs are also fully described.

Bulbs features:

Varieties for spring (the classic bulb season) as well as summer, fall and winter

Bulbs for the rock garden

Cut flowers and indoor flowers

A practical, common sense guide, Bulbs lets readers discover how any patch of earth can be transformed into a garden for all seasons. Marco Leone is an avid gardener with a passion for bulbs. In addition to this book, he is the author of numerous scientific articles and popular essays.

Author : Marco Leone
ISBN : 1552977048
Publisher : Firefly Books Ltd.
Sugg. Retail Price : $24.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 256

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