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The Water Garden Encyclopedia
Whether it's a simple pond, an imaginative waterfall, or a lavish fountain, the water garden is fast-becoming one of the most popular and exciting backyard features.

Water weaves an exciting strand into the tapestry of any garden. A calm pool mirrors the sky and surrounding trees. Fountains, streams and waterfalls introduce movement and the relaxing sound of splashing water.

The Water Garden Encyclopedia opens with a section that explains how to get started and covers the basic principles of siting, finding the right equipment, and calculating sizes and capacities. The contents are then divided into six main sections:

Water gardening in containers Formal ponds and water gardens Natural water gardens Waterfalls and fountains Imaginative use of pond features and decorations Pond plants and cultivation

Each section includes step-by-step illustrations and design ideas to spark the reader's imagination.

The Water Garden Encyclopedia provides all the expert guidance that's needed -- for beginner and experienced gardener alike.

Lavishly illustrated and comprehensive The ultimate guide to designing, constructing, planting, and maintaining garden pools and water features Packed with tips, instructions, and photographs that guide the gardener through each stage

About The Author:

Philip Swindells is a water gardening specialist with extensive experience in growing aquatic plants in many parts of the world. He trained at the University of Cambridge Botanic Garden, eventually becoming curator of the renowned Harlow Carr Botanical Gardens, Harrogate. The author of many publications on water gardening, he is the former editor of the Water Garden Journal of the International Waterlily Society.

Author : Philip Swindells
ISBN : 155297717X
Publisher : Firefly Books
Sugg. Retail Price : $29.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 256

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