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Tending the Earth
A Gardener's Manifesto
"An exploration of why people garden and what gardens mean, Tending the Earth is a thought provoking and witty book that will send you out into your garden with a new sense of purpose and hope"

Lorraine wrote earlier...

"When I meet a fellow gardener, I often ask: why did you start gardening? The responses are as various as the gardeners themselves, but I've noticed themes that recur. Over and over (and in different ways), people tell me that they garden in order to connect with the world: with the soil, with plants, with wildlife, with the people who live in their communities...

In some ways, it might seem strange that connection is at the heart of gardening. After all, in our gardens many of us are immersed in the quietest, most contemplative, most private spaces in our lives, and we go there to retreat from the world.

Yet even in the protected private place of the garden, there are profound connections that we make between ourselves and the planet. The practises we use to maintain our yards--the watering and fertilizing and pest control techniques, for example--all have an immediate (and sometimes major) impact on the local environment. Our plant choices likewise affect the world at large--enhancing biodiversity, providing habitat for wildlife, etc.

Even in the social, cultural or political realms, our gardens can have an impact on the world--helping to foster a sense of community, for example, or bringing people together... It is these broad connections between ourselves and the world that I wanted to explore and celebrate in Tending the Earth: A Gardener's Manifesto, telling the stories of gardeners who are trying to make the world a better place through their gardens. In the following excerpt--the Action Alphabet--I've tried to ground this vision of our gardens as places of positive environmental and social change in practical actions we can all take to make the world better, one garden at a time."

Author : Lorraine Johnson
ISBN : 0670050016
Publisher : Penguin Viking
Sugg. Retail Price : $33.00
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 240

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