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Ontario Gardener
Ontario Gardener The magazine for the passionate gardener “At last, a magazine just for Ontario. Wonderful!” is the most frequent comment from readers, who delight in reading material specific to the lifestyles, climate and growing conditions of Ontario. Ontario Gardener is dedicated to the specific needs of gardeners in Canada’s largest province, where the gardening envelope is much larger than nationally published magazines, which need to appeal to a wide geographical audience, can encompass.

Ontario Gardener was designed to meet the down-to-earth needs of gardeners across the province. The editorial questions answered are the practical questions posed by gardeners, whether novice or well-experienced, and the gardens pictured are gardens that your neighbours in Ontario can actually grow.

The editorial is well-written and information-driven. “When readers pick up a gardening magazine, they should get solid information and an entertaining read,” says the magazine’s creator, Dorothy Dobbie, who dreams of a series of local gardening magazines that are both beautiful and useful, that don’t take themselves too seriously and that have room for a little humour mingled with just a touch of the poetic.

Publisher Shauna Dobbie has assembled a well-qualified expert editorial board, which includes two master gardeners and a team of writers that includes Celine Tower, Jennifer Moore and Evelyn Wolfe as well as Ken Beattie and Arvel Gray. Executive editor Joan Cohen applies exacting standards to the way material is written.

Beautifully illustrated with excellent four-colour photographs, each issue contains profiles of Ontario gardens as well as articles about trees and flowers written by well-known experts.

Our readers and subscribers are very impressed. Jana and Gary Letellier write: “This is an excellent magazine. My husband and I read it cover to cover. How nice to read about local gardening instead of some American publication, which usually thinks there’s nothing growing north of the border!”

Bill Peterson writes: “Thanks for a great magazine–certainly the best gardening publication available.”

The magazine comes out five times a year. It is available on newsstands throughout Ontario at $4.95 for a single copy or by subscription at $22.95 for 6 issues. VISA and Mastercard accepted.

Published by Pegasus Publications Inc. 60 Chatham Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4J 1K6 Telephone 1-888-680-2008 or 416-462-1617 Email: shaunad@localgardener .net

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