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The Canadian Plant Sourcebook
Available through Canadian Gardening or at your favorite bookstore!! Anne & Peter Ashley have just published the third edition of "The Canadian Plant Sourcebook". This is a reference book designed to help all those gardeners and horticulturalists who are looking for a particular plant species or cultivar and just don't know where to find it. Maybe it's been recommended in a magazine or a newspaper article, or maybe you saw it at a botanical gardens somewhere. Now, if it's sold in Canada and is hardy somewhere in Canada, in all likelihood it will be listed in this new edition.

Approximately 21,000 plants are listed, each one keyed to a three-letter code indicating which nurseries are currently selling each plant. You then turn to the front of the book and look up the nursery codes to get the name, address and all pertinent details of each nursery, such as whether the nursery mails plants, and whether they mail to the US. The plants are grouped into sections (perennials, shrubs etc.) and are listed by botanical name. English common names are included and there is a large index to find the botanical name if only the common name (English or French) is known. Since the Ashleys take great care to check and update all the plant names, this book is also a great reference to nomenclature changes: there are literally hundreds of cross-references to ensure that a reader who is looking for a plant using an out-of-date name will be able to locate it.

This new edition of "The Canadian Plant Sourcebook" can be ordered directly from the Ashleys by sending a cheque or money order for $18.00 (no credit card orders please!) to the following address:

The Canadian Plant Sourcebook 93 Fentiman Ave. OTTAWA, ON K1S 0T7

For US orders the cheque should be $18.00 US.

They can be reached by email at:

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