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Gardening Without a Garden
"Practical container gardening for window ledges, patios, roof gardens and balconies" written by Gay Search

"A highly informative and practical guide to container gardening that shows beginners and more advanced gardeners how to use ordinary plants to beautify any small spaces all year round." Clearly organized, offering practical information and over 1000 full colour photos and illustrations. Canadian hardiness zones and plant substitutes included.

Gay Search inspires new container gardeners with a book that's crammed with suggestions about what plants to grow and what to grow them in. She also ponders where to place the containers: on stairways, on window ledges, near the entryway, on walls, and as hanging plants. Profusely illustrated with diagrams and lush photos.

Author : Gay Search
ISBN : 0888505558
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley Publishing
Available in Hardcover

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