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Garden Voices
edited by Edwina von Baeyer and Pleasance Crawford

"Garden Voices is the first anthology of Canadian garden writing to celebrate the legions of gardeners, from every decade since the 1790's and from every province and territory. Listen to L.M. Montgomery as she describes the Prince Edward Island garden where she played as a girl and to Mackenzie King as he designs a balustrade for his Kingsmere retreat in 1931. A delightful read and the perfect gift for the armchair or active gardener, Garden Voices will instill in any garden enthusiast the perennially hardy spirit of Canadian gardening"

Author : Edwinna Von Baeyer, Pleasance Crawford
ISBN : 0-679-30860-1
Publisher : Random House
Sugg. Retail Price : $18.95
Available in Softcover

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