Eat Smart in India
Award Winning!
This smartly designed culinary travel guidebook is never out of date. It opens up the world of Indian food to travelers, including students studying abroad, and tells how to find the most delicious, authentic, and adventuresome eating experiences there.

The authors share the secrets they’ve uncovered while hunting for something good to eat—from restaurant dining to home cooking to fresh market produce—to allow you to get to the heart of the culture through its cuisine. The book also includes recipes from some of the finest chefs in India.

As you know, food is one of the first and most immediate contacts a traveler makes with a foreign country. Travelers to India can make it a more memorable contact by taking along the easy-to-use Eat Smart in India, one of the guides in the award-winning EAT SMART series. The authors show that traveling and eating in unfamiliar territory doesn’t have to be gastronomical guesswork.

Author : Joan Peterson and Indu Menon
Available in Softcover

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