Green Gardener's Guide
Simple, Significant Actions to Protect & Preserve Our Planet
No other people have a greater connection to the Earth than the gardeners who plant it, tend it and reap its bounty. Now The Green Gardener's Guide: Simple, Significant Actions to Protect and Preserve our Planet (Cool Springs Press, $16.95) equips them with common-sense tools to protect the very resources that nurture us all.

"People know why they need to respect the environment when gardening. This is the first book that tells them how to make it happen," said author Joe Lamp'l, a.k.a. joe gardener.® "'The Green Gardener's Guide' offers a straightforward approach to creating a more sustainable garden—be that a front lawn or a vegetable row. We take people step by step and show them how simple green gardening can be."

Lamp'l is the host of GardenSMART on PBS, Fresh from the Garden on the DIY Network and is a sought-after speaker around the country. He is a Master Gardener, Certified Landscape Professional and the founder of The joe gardener Company.

The Green Gardener's Guide provides hundreds of tips on conserving resources, promoting healthy and safe plant growth, and preventing unnecessary damage to the earth. Lamp'l offers easy-to-follow steps that help readers become more environmentally conscious and lessen their environmental footprint.

"There are millions of gardening and landscape enthusiasts around the world. The powerful impact we can have on the environment through just a handful of simple acts is astonishing," said Lamp'l. "By simply correcting habits such as over-watering and over-fertilizing, gardeners can help protect our precious resources and ensure our planet's future vitality."

Author : Joe Lamp'l
ISBN : 9781591864264
Publisher : Cool Springs Press
Sugg. Retail Price : $16.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 368

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