My Natural History
The Evolution of a Gardener
Liz Primeau has been gardening for nearly fifty years. In her twenties, as a mother of four small children, she would often escape to her tomato patch for horticultural therapy. Gardening became a satisfying hobby that grew and eventually became a career when she became the founding editor of Canadian Gardening magazine in 1990.

In league with Michael Pollan’s Second Nature, My Natural History describes how gardening has been Primeau’s therapy, obsession, and reward.

Primeau first caught the gardening bug growing up in Winnipeg, when she and her mother used to steal green onions from her father’s vegetable patch for a late-night snack. Later, her Uncle Ren, famous for his prize-winning flowers, became her gardening mentor.

Since then, Primeau’s own gardens have protected and sustained her. Full of fascinating gardening lore and practical insight (including what to do when your son grows funny tomatoes among your seedlings), this wonderful memoir will be savored by readers who share Primeau’s passion for the earth and all the good things that stem from it.

-A wonderful book from someone I can call a friend...Donna

Author : Liz Primeau
ISBN : 9781553653769
Publisher : Greystone Books
Sugg. Retail Price : $27.00
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 240

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