Create an Impression
Landscaping for Curb Appeal
Landscaping for Curb Appeal
In Create an Impression; Landscaping for Curb Appeal, landscape architectural technologist Maggie Clayton applies her philosophy that gardening should be a pleasure and that for every gardener there is an ideal landscape design—regardless of his or her level of experience or location.

Maggie focuses on front yards as the areas in which we present our public gardening faces and shows us how to take them a step further to become not only appealing, but also truly useful and smart extensions of our homes. She provides 23 professionally designed, easy-to-execute landscape plans using commonly available, hardy plants and presents these plans in a format that allows gardeners to approach their landscape projects in stages according to time, budget and desire.

Beautifully illustrated plans, full colour images and a handy plant description guide make Maggie Clayton’s book a must-have for anyone looking to landscape a new property or to revive and polish a tired one.

Author : Maggie Clayton
ISBN : 9781894728072
Publisher : Hole’s Publishing
Sugg. Retail Price : $21.95
Available in Softcover

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