What Ever Happened to APPLE?
Environmental Children's Picture Book
Good Messages can come in the form of a story. This is such a book! It integrates a bit of fiction, a bit of facts and weaves it into a beautiful story of APPLE'S journey from the orchard.

The book introduces nature and the 3Rs that we long to teach our children in our own environmental effort. With colorful illustrations, that include the growth of an apple and a simple outline of a landfill, they will follow APPLE on his adventure and find out for themselves why he ended up where he was.

If only he knew, if only you knew... Truly a keeper for any child's home library!

About the Author

Margaret lives in Ontario , Canada and is an active supporter of the environment. She believes in educating and sharing the love for our environment to ourĀ¬ children as early as possible.

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Author : Margaret Cecconet
ISBN : 9780978331603
Publisher : Cecconet Publishing House
Sugg. Retail Price : $14.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 32

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