500 Cacti
Species and Varieties in Cultivation
A visual reference to 500 cacti.

The cactus family includes more than 2,500 species of cacti, succulents, caudiciforms and euphorbs. Native to the Americas, they are at least 50 million years old and highly advanced in their evolution. Not all are desert plants. Some are found in the rainforest, where they enjoy the heavy rainfall and grow much more vigorously than their desert cousins. Many cacti are very popular with rock gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts.

This new book features 500 species representing all cactus groups. The cacti are arranged alphabetically by scientific genus, with an entire page devoted to each species. At-a-glance information includes size, distribution, spination, flower and flowering time, plus varieties and synonyms used. Detailed descriptions reveal the amazing adaptations cacti have made, such as:

Stems with waterproof skin to store water

Far-reaching, shallow root systems

Leaves that are shed during a drought

Spines to ward off predators.

The author provides professional advice on growing these plants at home. Among the 500 color photographs that appear in the book are stunning shots of cacti in bloom.

500 Cacti is a useful reference for all who admire these long-living and distinctive plants. About The Author:

Ken Preston-Mafham is a naturalist, author and photographer. He lives in England, where he has grown cacti for more than 30 years. His previous books include Cacti and Succulents in Habitat and Cacti: The Illustrated Dictionary.

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