Perennial Garden Design
Perennials can form a key part of a garden's structure and are dynamic and colorful plants whose forms and textures can be used to alter moods and influence the way we respond to and use a garden. The first section of this book shows how to create garden schemes with perennials, and the second section looks at the best perennials for year-round planting and color effect. A third section considers how to use perennials in different styles of garden. The book is completed by a list of perennials for special purposes, and an A–Z directory with practical tips on all the plants included in the earlier chapters.

About Michael King

Michael King is a garden designer, photographer, and author who runs a garden advice bureau from Amsterdam. He is constantly evaluating new garden perennials and new ideas in landscape and garden design, and his ongoing areas of research include the latest trends in planting design and the introduction of garden worthy perennials ... know when you visit gardens which ones have that spark, that well put together look about them...that garden that makes you go ahh...this book helps you achieve that look.

Author : Michael King
ISBN : 0881927678
Publisher : Timber Press
Sugg. Retail Price : $49.95
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 192

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