The Garden Plants of China
It is hard to imagine gardens without peonies, flowering peaches, camellias, gardenias, azaleas, wisteria, forsythia, crabapples, and the host of other ornamentals that were introduced first in Chinese gardens. And the development of the modern repeat-flowering roses would not have occurred had the so-called monthly roses not been brought to Europe from China. In spite of the romance and excitement generated by the discoveries of the famous plant hunters in the wilds of China, the Chinese plants with the greatest impact on the gardens of the world have actually come from Chinese gardens and nurseries.

An excerpt from this book: Over a very long period the Chinese have selected and developed an array of ornamental plants to use in the composition and adornment of their gardens. On the whole, unlike the gardeners of the Western world, they have not continuously sought novelty, preferring plants rich not only in physical beauty but in historical, literary, and symbolic associations. And the connection in China between the cultivation of ornamental plants and their representation in art, literature and decoration has long been an intimate one. In short, whether they be highly developed cultivars which can survive only with human aid or merely species saved from extinction or near extinction, the garden plants of China make up a very significant part of its cultural heritage ...

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Born in Australia and brought up in the bush, Peter Valder's early interest in the Australian flora was stimulated by local amateur botanists. He went on to become a plant pathologist and mycologist after graduating from the Universities of Sydney and Cambridge ...

...for someone who wants to learn more about China and the plants that grow there, this is a wealth of information.

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