A Mystic Garden
Working with Soil, Attending to Soul
Working with soil, attending to soul: to tend a garden is to open the heart, school the mind, engage the body, and embrace the spirit.

Gunilla Norris shares a year in her garden, and how all that she observes there illuminates the sacredness of every day: the serene silence and darkness of winter; the return of spring and light, of birds' songs and snowdrops on a frosty fresh morning; the glorious richness of summer, of digging, snipping, weeding, and watering; and the golden ripeness of autumn, with days getting shorter and the air cooler, harvesting and raking, cutting and cleaning up, then lying fallow.To tend a garden is deep intimacy. Over time, a garden becomes a soulful space. The very ground we stand on invites us to grow as much as any plant, to leaf out, to blossom and to set fruit. We are the ones to be carefully pruned and cultivated. It will be our inner soil that will be worked.

GUNILLA NORRIS is a meditation teacher and psychotherapist in private practice, and an author. She lives in Mystic, Connecticut.

...fills your heart with joyful thoughts

Author : Gunilla Norris
ISBN : 2895077444
Publisher : Novalis
Sugg. Retail Price : $23.95
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 112

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