A Paris Moment
“In Paris, when you walk out the door … the day springs to life as a full-blown performance, and if you are not part of the audience, you are part of the cast.”

With a wonderful turn of phrase and a wicked sense of humour, Cope provides an intimate account of everyday life in a magical city, most often as “part of the cast.”

Sometimes your wildest dreams really do come true. No-one knows this better than author Gordon Cope whose life took a very exciting turn when his wife, Linda, was offered a one-year posting to the world’s dream destination—Paris, the City of Lights.

Cope and Linda find the Paris of their dreams on the Right Bank of the Seine in Le Marais, a neighbourhood rich in controversy, conspiracy, culture, and madness—in short, their kind of place.

In Paris, more than anywhere else, Cope is struck by the immediateness, the now, of his surroundings, amid centuries of history, and the subtle rhythms and pulses of the neighbourhood. His observations on life in Le Marais—its delightful residents, fascinating history, and sublime culinary experiences in the local brasseries and restaurants—are crystal clear and create an appealing intimacy.

So, as Cope undergoes his own metamorphosis from typical tourist to established year-round resident, some days you might find yourself wandering the narrow lanes of Le Marais with him as he introduces you to the denizens of the area.

On other days, you might find yourself at Cope’s side, delving into the colourful history of Le Marais. And on in-between days, you will find your mouth watering at Cope’s delectable descriptions of their frequent forays into fine dining.

Woven throughout Cope’s musings are the vignettes of Parisian life of the everyday and not-so-everyday sort: exploding champagne bottles in the hall closet, the curse of the Vespa, the artistry of municipal embellishment, how Parisians survived the transition from francs to Euros—the list goes on. And to top it off, Cope shares a wealth of odd but fascinating Marais tales that rarely make it into guidebooks.'

Gordon is from Hamilton, Ontario and then they moved to Calgary, Alberta. Since I have been to Paris a few times I wanted to read this book to experience Paris through his eyes...a wonderful read! So funny and so real!

Author : Gordon Cope
ISBN : 189485683X
Publisher : Fifith House
Sugg. Retail Price : $24.95
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 224

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