The Gin and Tonic Gardener
Confessions of a Reformed Compulsive Gardener
'The Gin and Tonic Gardener is designed for those of us who would rather enjoy our gardens than find ourselves enslaved by them. Weeds? Janice Wells exhorts us to have another gin and tonic: a stiff drink can actually help obscure, or at the very least, help you forget, those usurpers of the garden.

Janice Wells, a well-known writer and journalist, uses her own garden as a laboratory for the gardening column she writes for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. Though filled with humour, The Gin and Tonic Gardener does provide practical tips, including hints for the northern gardener whose prime growing season is limited to a few months of summer.

Wells also reveals inventive ways to transform a mundane concrete pathway into one that looks like paving stones, how to disguise an ugly fence by encouraging vines to cover it, and how to scour rummage sales for inexpensive and attractive outdoor furniture. Plus, she offers a listing of easy-to-grow plants that have delighted her with many colourful rewards despite her willful neglect, poor growing conditions, and being occasionally doused with the remnants of a strong gin and tonic.

Spirited, funny, and filled to the brim with amusing gardening anecdotes and wisdom, this book is designed especially for the reluctant gardener who is looking for a way out of the tyranny espoused in gardening magazines, home and garden television shows, and those fussy neighbours who cast disgusted glances at the green spaces outside our homes.'

Sometimes it's nice to not do anything while in the garden, but just enjoy it...I was drawn by the name and the cover...I knew that this would be a great read and it's small enough to pack in your carry on to enjoy when you have a moment to spare. When done, pass it along to someone you know who is compulsive in the garden!

Author : Janice Wells
ISBN : 1552637557
Publisher : Key Porter
Sugg. Retail Price : $24.95
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 192

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