Weeds of Canada and the Northern United States
I will be the first to admit how little I know about weeds - even where I live, let alone other parts of Canada! I thought I had a really nice little plant springing up here and there in my garden, and because I didn't put it there, wondered about it...well, it turns out to be Henbit or Lamium amplexicaule L....a designated weed in Alberta!

I am very happy to see this's not only for gardeners but for farmers, students, turf managers, foresters, weed-control specialists, botanists and anyone else for that matter. I wondered because of my lack of knowledge, if it would be hard to identify 'my' weed, but it was easy with the Keys.

There are over 175 weed species listed with photographs detailing the five stages of growth, where it is classified as a weed, and the concern with having it spread.

A must have book for the proper identification and control of weeds....

Softcover 29.95 CDN

ISBN 0-88864-311-x

Author : by France Royer & Richard Dickinson
ISBN : 0-88864-311-x
Sugg. Retail Price : $29.95
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