Great Garden Designs
40 Adaptable Plans to Create Your Ideal Backyard Oasis
What is your perfect garden? A delicate, meditative Japanese haven with flowing water? The lush, wild sensual chaos of a tropical jungle garden? Perhaps the classic, precisely planted geometric garden? Whatever your vision,GREAT GARDEN DESIGNS has it. Using a unique concept in garden guides--a pre-planned, fully envisioned template--award-winning landscape artist Tim Newbury has created 40 designs, each one representing a specific style of garden.

From kitchen gardens to urban escapes, hot and dry desert vistas to gardens by the sea, every sort of garden is included in this amazing collection. Each style is presented down to the last detail, from layout and irrigation to plant choice and variations--beautifully illustrated with full-color photos and easy-to-follow drawings and explained in clear language.

Special features include:

Dynamic tips on how to adapt each design to suit your own space

Detailed instructions on how to mix and match features of design for your ideal garden

Vast selection of additional elements from ponds to decks, raised beds and more

Wide range of plant choices for each style and detailed planting instructions

Whether you're a novice or an expert, whether you're starting from scratch in your new home, perking up your existing garden, or changing your garden completely, GREAT GARDEN DESIGNS has everything you'll need to achieve a stunning carefree garden.

Author : Tim Newbury
ISBN : 0762105887
Publisher : Reader's Digest
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 256

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