Pistils and Stamens-The Romance of Everyday Flowers
by Janice L. Sutton of Yarker, Ontario
The folklore and histories of 30 common garden flowers are highlighted in this book, which also contains chapters on Floral gods, Edible Flowers, Floral Festivals and the Language of Flowers as well as the origins of the names of 38 additional flowers.



Review by Donna Dawson

Janice has put together a beautiful little coil bound book just full of information on flowers and their meaning. She lists those that are edible and those that are not, and offers other tidbits of insight.

Then she goes in to the best part - the meaning of flowers. She lists the latin and common names and what each flower means i.e. Calendula symbolizes care and sorrow and then a brief bio on each. On we read from A to Z. Why does the marigold symbolize grief? and what flower symbolizes delicate and lasting pleasure?. After reading about these flowers you are guaranteed not to just look at them, but really look at them, because they have now changed - in your mind and in your heart...your garden takes on new meaning. You are not just growing for now, but have grown something from the past, with history and folklore planted. I will never look at my peonies the same way again.

A delightful book to use again & again.... ISBN 0-9694841-2-7 Janice Sutton fax 613-378-2189

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