Wildlife-Friendly Plants
Make Your Garden a Haven for Beneficial Insects, Amphibians and Birds
An attractive, informative, and engaging book. It is recommended for gardening collections in rural, suburban, and urban areas. - January Adams American Reference Books Annual, Volume 36 2005

Emphasizes both plant selection and wildlife-friendly gardening practices... and essential reference for all garden and wildlife enthusiasts. - Jessie Keith American Gardener 2004 09 15

Especially easy-to-use and with an attractive time-saving arrangement... perfect addition to the horticultural library. - Joanne S. Carpender National Garden Clubs 2004 09

Ecologically admirable results... focuses on plants that attract helpful creatures. - Publishers Weekly 2004 09 13

95 wildlife-friendly plants, each with a beautifully photographed specimen, practical advice for growing and at-a-glance symbols to easily identify plant information. - David Hobson Kitchener-Waterloo Record 2004 10 02

Comprehensive plant directory... breathtaking photographs, each entry features informative symbols for at-a-glance reference. As beneficial wildlife populations diminish, it is more important than ever that gardeners plan and plant with these creatures in mind. Creeser's compact new guide makes that easy to do. - Carol Haggas Booklist 2004 10 01

Extensive plant directory... advocates organic methods but places a stronger emphasis on native plants and includes cautionary notes on invasives... highly recommended for public libraries. - Bonnie Poquette Library Journal 2004 11 01 Catalog Description:

A practical and inspiring guide.

Wildlife gardening books have traditionally focused on large gardens in rural areas where there is ample space to plant large trees and hedges. For many new gardeners or those living in urban areas, working with a small space presents a variety of challenges when trying to attract beneficial wildlife.

Wildlife-Friendly Plants is a practical guide specifically designed to help gardeners chose the best plants for encouraging and supporting wildlife. By attracting beneficial wildlife, gardeners can eliminate the use of a range of chemicals and create a healthier environment. This book is intended for any size garden from large to small in the city or country.

Wildlife-Friendly Plants includes:

Beautifully photographed directory of wildlife friendly plants Helpful step-by-step projects for planting, pruning and dividing Extended backflap with a guide to the symbols used throughout the book.

Many of these plants are perfect for use in small spaces, such as a patio, terrace or window box. With the valuable suggestions for use, planting and maintenance, anyone can create a safe haven for beneficial insects, amphibians and birds.

Wildlife-Friendly Plants is the ideal book for gardening and wildlife enthusiasts everywhere. About The Author:

Rosemary Creeser is a garden writer and editor. She is an active member of the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

Author : Rosemary Creeser
ISBN : 1552979539
Publisher : Firefly Books
Sugg. Retail Price : $19.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 144

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