Clematis as Companion Plants?

“Clematis as Companion Plants?”
Publication authored
by Mr. Barry Fretwell, 2004.
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" Allied to a tremendous surge of interest in Clematis during recent years, there has developed a far greater knowledge and appreciation of the range and diversity offered by this genius and glories that it can bestow upon any garden. It is not surprising, therefore, that a number of growers are realizing the potential of combining Clematis, not only with other Clematis but with, through and in proximity to existing shrubs and trees. The following text does assume some acquaintance with Clematis, if however, from the photographs within these pages your interest is stimulated for the first time, a number of books have been published recently from which you can glean a basis knowledge. The main requirement for growing Clematis as companion plants is to regard your garden as a canvass and if not talented with brush and paint but envious of that gift allow your spade and trowel to be substitute tools."

" If you are considering companion planting , your garden setting is probably at a reasonable stage of development and the initial hard work accomplished, therefore the exercise should be one of anticipation and enjoyment. So indulge and be adventurous."


“This a most valuable and inspiring book and whenever I consider planting a Clematis I’ll be checking to see what Barry Fretwell has to say.”
Graham Rice ‘The Garden' Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society
“A gardening book which makes one want to leap out of one’s chair and hasten into the garden to see how some of the author’s wealth of suggestions might have personal relevance.”

Robert Pearson ‘The Rose’
Journal of the Royal National Rose Society

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Author : Mr. Barry Fretwell
Sugg. Retail Price : $18.95

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