A Seasonal Guide to Designing and Planting Container Gardens
The design of plant pots and the style of your garden are just as important as the plants you choose.

Here, by weaving together the pot-making process with planting designs, potter and gardener Jim Keeling demonstrates how to bring container gardening alive.

This book is divided into seasons to help you understand the life cycles of a potted garden and keep it beautiful throughout the year. Jim explains how to collect seeds and cuttings, cultivate plants in a greenhouse over winter, and prune and feed plants.

He demonstrates how to best display pots and plants in your garden, making the best not only of the flowers, but also the pots.

For gardeners and potters alike, this is a unique approach to the art of container gardening. that will be referred to a lot!

Author : Jim Keeling
ISBN : 1856264904
Publisher : Whitecap Books
Sugg. Retail Price : $39.95
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 176

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