Building Garden Ponds
Adding a garden pond, pool, or stream can be one of the most rewarding outdoor projects homeowners can complete, and more homeowners are joining the ranks of those who flock to creative, do-it-yourself yard and garden projects.

With the weekend landscaper in mind, pond designer and builder Bryan Hirst helps readers create their own backyard masterpieces. Each of the ten step-by-step projects in "Building Garden Ponds" is easy to construct and requires little expertise. An introductory chapter covers everything readers need to know about tools and materials and techniques, including choosing the right liner, excavating the area, and fitting pumps and filters, as well as maintenance.

"Building Garden Ponds" provides: Ten unique and distinctive designs, including a planted stream, a natural pool, split-level pond with waterfall, as well as formal raised ponds.

Complete, easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions including material lists and cross-section drawings.

Comprehensive information on planning and design, pond styles, construction techniques, and maintenance.

Author : Bryan Hirst
ISBN : 0896580423
Publisher : Voyageur Press
Sugg. Retail Price : $19.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 96

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