Strangers in the Garden
The Secret Lives of Our Favorite Flowers
I love books that have depth to them while at the same time are entertaining and leave you knowing a bit more about their history. We already know a lot more about the tulip, but what about the peony, the iris or the geranium? This is a lovely book to read...Donna

'We all – gardeners or not – appreciate the beauty of familiar garden flowers. But how well do we really know these everyday plants? When do we stop to consider a flower’s personality, or to discover the dramatic events that have contributed to its particular identity? What adventures took place as these plants, now part of our daily lives, were transported – often by explorers or botanists who were quirky characters themselves – from their birthplaces in Asia, Africa, or the Americas?

Strangers in the Garden, illustrated with over a hundred stunning photographs, prints, and drawings, reveals the characters and personal histories of ten popular fl´owers – the chrysanthemum, the clematis, the crocus, the dahlia, the geranium, the iris, the lilac, the peony, the rhododendron, and the tulip – by tracking their fascinating journeys from misty peaks, arid valleys, and exotic hillsides to our gardens, decks, and patios.'

PRAISE “Strangers in the Garden is a brilliant piece of work – a joy for non-gardeners as well as for those of us who grub away in the soil.” –Pierre Berton

“This book is a delight to the eye and just as enchanting to read.” –Marjorie Harris, Editor-in-Chief, Gardening Life magazine and Globe and Mail columnist

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Smith is a writer and book designer who lives and gardens in Toronto. He has won a Western Magazine Award for travel writing, and in 2000 was a finalist for the Journey Prize, a national award for new and developing writers of distinction.

Author : Andrew Smith
ISBN : 0771080980
Publisher : McClelland & Stewart
Sugg. Retail Price : $29.99
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 143

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