Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Plants
The handy field guides in this series each introduce dozes of different plant species found in Asia. Dazzling orchids, tropical plants, and exotic herbs and spices are all presented in vibrant, lifelike color. Included are exotic and beautiful blooms, plants with utilitarian uses, and some of the more extraordinary members of the plant kingdom. Each entry is described in detail, and expert botanical information is included along with interesting historical anecdotes. With their vibrant photography and useful information, these books are sure to delight dedicated researchers and casual observers alike. Other books in the series include Handy Pocket Guide to Orchids and Hand Pocket Guide to Asian Herbs and Spices.

About the Author

Elisabeth Chan is an eminent Singaporean expert on tropical flora and has written extensively on this subject and gardening in tropical climates.

Author : Elisabeth Chan
ISBN : 0794601928
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
Sugg. Retail Price : $7.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 64

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