What the 'Experts' May Not Tell You About Growing the Perfect Lawn
In this book, every question you will ever ask about lawn care is answered.

Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can still have a picture-perfect green carpet that's a snap to maintain-the lawn of your dreams!


• The best type of turf for your needs

• Insider tips on fertilizing, aerating, and weed control

• Landscape services: what you should be getting for your money


• Grow a lush, perfect lawn-quickly, easily, cheaply

• Find out what kind of grass is best for your region and your needs

• Eliminate crabgrass and dry patches without breaking your back or your budget

• Win the war against weeds-with or without chemicals

• Get rid of garden pests, including gophers, moles, and grubs

• Avoid high-priced, unnecessary gadgets

• Mow a great lawn every time: the twelve top tips

• Master the tools of the trade: edgers, trimmers, weed diggers, fertilizer spreaders, and more

• Choose a variety of turf especially suited for people with allergies

• Start over if your lawn is a total disaster: it's easier than you think!

Is the grass always greener everywhere else? Whether your yard has become a major disaster area or you just need a little tried-and-true advice. Now you can know what the pros know-and get the lawn you've always wanted!

Book Review...

by Tom Dawson co-owner

Books on lawn maintenance seem like a dime-a-dozen these days. Then there is the preponderance of books on how not to have a lawn.

Frankly I think most people, myself included, will likely keep at least a postage stamp lawn so I want it looking its best.

When the 'What the 'Experts' May Not Tell You About Growing the Perfect Lawn' by Tom Ogren came in, I naturally grabbed it and started reading.

I normally scan through a book and then if it warrants, I reread it in-depth. This was worth the read.

'What the 'Experts' May Not Tell You About Growing the Perfect Lawn' contained some excellent advice on all the normal fertilizing, watering, cutting and general tending of lawns. What I enjoyed was the in-depth description of the various lawn seeds, the differences, when to use, and I also enjoyed the addition of the more natural lawn maintenance techniques. I would have preferred more on the differences between organic/natural fertilizers and chemical blends, some information on the use of mycorrhizal fungus, and natural predator bugs, but perhaps that's another book!

A good read, worthwhile as a reference for any home and anyone who really wants to make the most of what ever size lawn they have, - even my postage stamp.

Author : Thomas Ogren
ISBN : 0446690937
Publisher : Time Warner Book Group
Sugg. Retail Price : $19.95
Available in Softcover
Number of Pages : 205

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