Flora: Over 20,000 Plants and their Cultivation Requirements
"To garden in Canada is to accept risk, acknowledge the failures while celebrating the victories, and plant again" Judith Adam from the foreward

A comprehensive encyclopedia containing information on more than 20,000 cultivated plants from around the world. Organized in an A -Z format by botanical name, each entry has complete details on each plant and its features, including notes on origin, cultivation requirements, growth habit, propagation, and pests and diseases - and of coarse excellent colour photographs. Easy-to-grow plants receive a *, indicating the "Flora Award" - plants which the editors recommend for new gardeners to ensure success. Compiled and written by a team of international botanical and horticultural writers, with a team of Canadian gardeners reviewing and adjusting information for our zone, this promises to be the most up-to-date and useful reference ever!

An introduction explains how the 12 climatic zones work and looks at the environment and the plants that grow in those zones. Also included are lists of plants suitable for growing in specific areas and ideas for garden design. Some entries include photos of the same plant or garden over four seasons. In the very large plant families such as roses or orchids, line-ups of thumbnail photos enable inclusion of as many photos as possible.

A special feature of the first edition is a CD-ROM that includes all 20,000 plants. Use the CD's plant search to find the ideal plant for your climate, site conditions (dry, shade, etc.), colour and bloom time (blue for spring, white for August, etc.) ... watch animated plants "grow" ... keep a digital garden journal ... load the botanical name spell-check into your computer ... check out the hundreds of gardening links. A remarkable resource in itself!

FLORA covers all the plant groups: trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, bulbs, corms and tubers, cacti and succulents, lawns, ground covers, ornamental grasses, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, other fruits, nut trees, palms and cycads, ferns, climbers and creepers, and orchids- all organized alphabetically by botanical name, with a common name cross index. Hundred's of plant names change each year and the book uses the most up-to-date nomenclature reflecting botanists' growing knowledge of plant DNA structure. FLORA will enable all gardeners to choose the perfect plants for their garden and to expand their knowledge on the wealth of plants available. Stunning photography will entice us to own them all!

Many Canadian gardeners have contributed to this work including Wendy Thomas, Lorraine Flanigan, Patricia Hanbeidge, Bruce Rutherford, Patrick Seymour and David Tomlinson.

This set would be a welcome addition to any gardening library, especially those of botanic gardens and schools.

Author : Wendy Thomas
ISBN : 155297779X
Publisher : Firefly Books Ltd.
Sugg. Retail Price : $149.95
Available in Hardcover
Number of Pages : 1548

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